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Considering HPV vaccines in extensive vaccination

  Although only about 7% of HPV virus infections progress to cancer, but according to assoc.prof.Dr Nguyen Tran Hien, Director of the National institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Vietnam is looking at putting the vaccine into extensive vaccination program

At the seminar "Updated information relating to the safety of HPV vaccines and vaccination" takes place over two days last week in Nha Trang,assoc.prof.Dr Nguyen Tran Hien, Director of the National institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology said, Vietnam is considering bring this vaccine to EXTENSIVE VACCINATION program.

Sir, would you evaluate the results of programs HPV vaccine for younger sisters by National institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology conducted before?

Since 2007, the Institute of the Ministry of Health approved the project collaboration with PATH organization evaluate evidence as to the impact of HPV vaccination on expansion. VN is one of four countries selected to implement the project given model will implement recommendations of how HPV vaccination in the EXTENSIVE VACCINATION program in the future.

 We have implemented the project in two phases. Period 2007 - 2008 study of the conditions necessary to HPV vaccines in EXTENSIVE VACCINATION programs. Interviews from the community leaders, teachers, children, parents ... the majority of people support the EXTENSIVE VACCINATION to HPV. But the great wonder of those who were interviewed about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Many questions were posed, that antibody vaccines do not protect the long-term? The safety of vaccines and how? What is the cost of vaccines for people to be able to accept ...

The second phase from 2008 - 2010 we conducted a vaccine to 6,000 children in 2 years with 18 thousand shots in the mountainous districts of Quang Hoa (Thanh Hoa), Nong Cong district (Thanh Hoa) and the region the market Binh Thuy Ward, Ninh Kieu (Can Tho).

Results showed that both vaccination strategies in schools and health centers are the same high results. In the mountains and rural areas, the rate of coverage of over 98%, whereas in Can Tho, the rate is only 89-91%.

Assessment of how GAVI on this result, sir? With this result, Vietnam is eligible for GAVI funded vaccines into immunization programs do not, sir?

With coverage of the immunization, GAVI appreciated Vietnam and Vietnam leaders eligible for GAVI funded vaccines. As one of the conditions for funding vaccines that the country had to implement this vaccine, demonstrated a high coverage and deployed in fact, does not affect the EXTENSIVE VACCINATION system.

So why now, after two years of project implementation, Vietnam has not yet been funded vaccines for inclusion in the extensive vaccination ?

We're planning on the Ministry of Health vaccine into the future. In the past 10 years, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) has helped us a lot, from the measles vaccine, hepatitis B, more recently, 5 in 1 vaccine free.

However, GAVI support is conditional. It is the only GAVI support poor countries have per capita incomes below $ 1,500 year. Vietnam may exceed this threshold, only a few years. Meanwhile add a condition to receiving support, which ensures that we remain committed to deploying vaccines for many years to come.

Thus, the HPV vaccine, had some donors approach, is ready to support Vietnam a few years of free vaccines for EXTENSIVE VACCINATION program with conditions to maintain it after not receiving more funding. It is a very difficult problem because if the money spent on the HPV vaccine in a year will spend about 720 billion.

As with 5 in 1 vaccine, the Government determined to put on because of the huge benefits children's health. But in the next few years, we had to pay the full cost of the vaccine, with about 467 billion per year. .

We are considering options for socializing vaccination vaccine (people pay only a part). In addition, health insurance plans cover vaccines are also included. Looking ahead we will discuss medical insurance payments, such as the HPV vaccine will be health insurance payments.

It is known that HPV infection higher capacity but only 7% of people infected with the ability to progress into cancer. Left largely free from disease. This contradiction with the strategy of using the HPV vaccine does not cost very expensive, sir?

HPV has about 100 different tubes, of which 13 related to the type of genital cancers in both men and women. The tubes are often benign, or cause papillomatosis, genital ulcers ... However, the possibility of infection with HPV is very high (50% of the sexually active age are at risk of HPV infection at least once at some point in their lives).

Although only 7% of HPV infections progress to cancer but cervical cancer is considered a dangerous disease, cancer of the cervix is ​​one of the leading causes of death in women, after the 2nd leading cancer breast cancer. In the community do not know who is and who is infected with HPV will progress to cancer vaccines should still be a useful tool to prevent this disease eat.

HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer completely, sir?
In strategies for preventing cervical cancer, vaccination (prevention initiative best when he does not have sex and not get HPV) is one of the measures of prevention communication strategies can cervical cancer. In addition to also conduct health education measures, enhance knowledge of preventive measures for early detection of HPV infection and cervical cancer, to commit acts of sexual safety. Moreover, women 30 years or older, frequent need for early detection of abnormal changes in cervical cells for early treatment before developing into cancer.

People should always remember, vaccination simultaneously with the implementation of safe sex behavior and screening for early detection will prevent the disease effectively.

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