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The total area of campus: 5.100 m2

The total height of 4 storeys: 20 m 
Construction area: 14.000 m2  ; Using area: 12.000 m2
Glass windows system used maximize natural light
Trees system was voted for campus in the VSIP industrial park
Production area
Warehouse system
Manufacturing equipment system
Manufacturing equipment system
Manufacturing equipment system
Management and control center for BMS system

BOSTON PHARMA is proud to be factory equipped with BMS system of Johnson Control Company, USA which the most modern in Vietnam at present.  Function system: control and record temperature, humidity, pressure difference, air flow to each room in the factory and the entire system. Fully automatic control air flow, pressure difference room, temperature, humidity, fan speed AHU, FAF, RAF, DHU by the control device VAV, CAV, Telemecanique inverter. The system is controlled and accessed the internet where helps engineers monitor operation, control and monitoring any country in the world with utility, modern combined with inverter control helps operating system save 30% of the total power consumption in the factory where VSIP electricity recorded in power-saving target.

Compressed air system (free oil)
Provided by the production of HITACH Japan: Free oil and gas dehumidifying system for standard condensation point (DEW POINT) at -40oC compressed air for the whole system and micro-filtration system 0.2µm supply to point of use with ensure absolute quality about standard pressure, flow, condensation point, subdivision dust, microbiology.

HVAC System
With 19 AHU in TRANE Company, USA production in Malaysia, 3 DHU Munter brand is produced in Europe which manage and humidity control in the manufacture of capsule and effervescent tablet with the humidity is below 20%, the temperature is below20oC. 3 chillers TRANE are produced in USA, 2 large chillers with capacity 360kw/chiller and 1 chiller has 36kw capacity to operate at night and days off in order to preserve products which contained in the temporary storage room. The air duct system provides cold wind to each room, heat recovery ventilation and thermal insulation material, fire resistant are imported from Thailand

Steam System with capacity 1000kg/h is fired by diesel oil, serves and provides heat for all heating equipment such as the fluidized bed dryer, film coated, laundry…

Hot water system is used to clean equipment and work in the factory, used solar energy, hot water always maintain and maximum savings in power consumption, environmentally friendly.

RO Water system to produce medicines
RO water treatment system with capacity of 1500L / h for RO1 system and 1000L / h for RO2 system, stainless steel piping system and membrane valves distribute to points of use, components and RO membrane filter in GE company , USA ensure water quality RO1 and RO 2 reach 0.5 μs microbiological standard and the physical parameters and other chemical always in pure water standard for producing tablet and eye drop.

Laundry drying, labor protection equipment system for R&D, QC Production: IMAGE is a leading manufacturer of washing machine and dryer in USA. That is the reason BOSTONPHARMA choice to use for washing and drying labor protection equipment for our factory production.
Switchboard and electrical devices system are imported from schieder, Telemecanique Company, Merlin Gerin ensure maximum operating reliability, absolute security for devices and users. 100% engine and AHU is controlled, managed by inverter in Telemecanique Company, Germany. Save up to 40% the energy consumption in the factory.

Wastewater treatment system in the production: The system is micro-technology applications to handle the wastewater after treatment to meet Standard TCVN 5945 Class A.

Control and Surveillance Camera System: Boston Pharma equipped with security supervision camera system and control and control in each of important place in the factory. Camera and BMS system used spot observations in the factory and the Internet in any country all over the world.



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